Sunday, February 20, 2011

Measuring things out

Ok.  Here is a picture from yesterday.
What do you notice that is different about this photo?  I will give you a second to think about it....

That is right! There is no snow... 
(ok, so there is a tiny amount on the right hand side... but we are going to ignore that)

So the weather has been treating us quite well and all of the snow has melted and now I can see dirt.. lovely, glorious, black Iowan soil.   I had to actually confirm that it was not a mirage and I was not just imagining actual soil instead of the frozen iceburg I was sure I was trapped on.  So I went out and measured the garden.  Next up is to calculate how many rows we can fit in there and what should be planted where. 

In case you are wondering...... it is real soil.  Well, right now it is mud..... but that will dry out soon...right? 

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