Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Arrivals

Well yesterday was a busy day on the farm. Michelle and I traveled down to Webster City to pick up my new chicks from McMurray Hatchery.
This is how I picked-up the chicks from the hatchery.  They come in a box so that they can keep each other warm.

I got five different breeds that are going to eventually make up a wonderful laying flock.  We will have light brown eggs, chocolate brown eggs, and blue-green eggs. It should make for a wonderfully colorful assortment in each dozen that we sell. It takes about 5 months before chickens can lay eggs, but I have a feeling that this amount of time will go by very quickly.  Araucanas will lay the blue-green eggs.  Black Australorps, Silver-laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons will all lay light brown eggs.  Last, but definitely not least, the Cuckoo Marans will lay the dark chocolate drown eggs.

Here are some photos I took this morning when I went to go check on them.

Group Photo!!

This is the "Free Rare Exotic" chick that came with the order.... it will be interesting to find out what kind of chicken this is. 

I guess it is very exhausting being so cute.

So there are 58 chicks total.  I ordered 11 of each of the five breeds and the hatchery gave me the "free exotic" chick and they also threw in an extra Buff Orpington and an extra Black Australorp.  I love free.

In a couple of months, once the weather outside gets warmer, I will be taking the chickens out of the chicken house and put them in the mobile pasture pens (more on this later..... after I actually build them) so they can eat grass and bugs and be happy little hens.

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