Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!!!

It is official.

Spring has finally come to North-central Iowa!!!!

Not only is there seeds sprouting inside....

But the garlic and chives have starting coming up outside as well.

There is so much going on now it is hard to keep track of it all.  I am starting new seeds indoors every week.  I am also closely monitoring the soil temperature outside, waiting for just the right time to plant seeds and some transplants outside.  I put up a single row cover (my first ever) to see if that helps with the soil temps.

We are still debating where to put the greenhouse..... so that is still in boxes.... :(
oh well... maybe it will find a new home about the same time Michelle and I do ;)

I spent a few hours last night pressure washing the chicken house out to get ready for the new baby chicks that should be arriving tomorrow.... yipppeeee!!!    These will be of the eatin' variety!  This will be the first batch of three...maybe four that we will raise this summer.  We are doing 250 bird batches.

Let me know if you want any, they are being reserved now and most of the first batch is already spoken for.

As for my flock of layers; they are growing FAST!  I had to move them to a makeshift pen in the barn while I cleaned out the main chicken coop.  I am going to build them their very own chicken tractor on Friday.

So much to do... I wish I could quit my part-time job and focus on the farm full-time....  some day

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