Friday, April 8, 2011

Building of the "Chick-mobile" Part 1

This is the first look at my efforts to build my first Chick-Mobile.  I guess I should clarify,  I am not building a car that a high school guy looks cool in and cruises around to pick up girls..... Sorry Dad, no pink station wagon here. ;)

What I am building is a portable chicken pen that can allow my laying flock access to tasty plants and bugs while at the same time protecting them from predators (we have a fairly active coyote and raccoon population, not to mention the cougar my wife saw this winter).

First step was to find a good spot to work... sunny, out of the wind, and close to a plug in...

 Here is a basic idea of what I had in mind, this would be the main frame for the pen. ( I love SketchUp)

So after cutting all of the wood to size I started screwing things together to make one of the sides.

After completing one side I put another 10' 2X4 next to it and using a scrap chuck of 2X4 I marked where all of my vertical braces should go.  This way both sides are exactly the same.

Oh, this is for my sis...   OLD WOOD FOR THE TAKING!!!  Come and get all you can carry.

OK, back to the chicken pen...
After completing the two sides I realized the screws I was using would be too long to use to connect the cross member.   Well that is easily fixed with a vise and a hacksaw.

End result: Screw- 0, Hacksaw- 1

 So after whacking about an inch off of each screw, the cross members were securely screwed into place.

...and with a couple of corner braces throw in for good measure, here is the end result.

 So now I just need to add the hoops and roof and add some chicken wire and a few other final touches....   Then it will be ready to test out.... Hopefully I get this done sooner, rather than later....

Just as I was putting everything away for the day, my good friends (and awesome CSA members) came for a little visit to check out the new baby chicks we just got in.

It was a good day.  Hopefully I am able to finish most of the chicken pen this weekend.

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